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Fun Night is the exciting and easy way for members to get discounts on dining, travel, and entertainment while supporting charitable organizations. For just $15 per month, members receive monthly discounts while 33% of their membership fee goes to the organization. Everyone wins with Fun Night!

For Members

Fun Night gives members access to great discounts on restaurants, movies, and airline passes for just $15 per month. When you sign up, the organization of your choice receives 33% of the membership fee for every month you remain a member. Fun Night is the exciting and convenient way to support your favorite charity!

  1. $25 monthly gift certificate to the national website with over 18,000 participating restaurants.
  2. The ability to purchase unlimited movie tickets from AMC, Carmike, Cinemark and Regal for as low as $6.50 each.
  3. A monthly companion airline pass. You can redeem at

Discounts at Retail Locations

From apparel and oil changes to theme parks and hotels, you’ll get discounts at more than 300,000 retailers nationwide. You can download your discount certificates anytime from our searchable database.

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For Organizations

Fun Night provides a fun and easy way to raise money for your organization. When your supporters sign up for an account, you get 33% of their membership fee for every month they’re signed up! You get to offer your supporters fun and useful discounts on dining, movies, retail purchases, and travel while receiving ongoing income for your organization.

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